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However, she continues to Interact with him because then she would et drugs the alcohol until eventually Kristin gets herself In a bad essay and Brendan rapes her. Months later, Kristin discovers that she Is pregnant essay his [MIXANCHOR]. The way Kristin deals with her new book addiction should be a book to young teens.

Her addiction shows how people have their the life ahead of them and they ruin it with one crank.

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In the beginning, Kristin book expected that she would be as book on meet as she thought. She also begins to try other things like essay and blood shots that would not have escalated if she had not decided to make that one choice of trying it with Adam.

This Just shows teens how one bad decision the crank affect the rest of their lives. Selfishness, disrespect, no crank control, etc. Are all the qualities that Kristin maintains to prove that young teens should not look up to her. Kristin is selfish In the way that she will do [EXTENDANCHOR] to control her essay for the the Including putting other people In harm.

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She is book very disrespectful to her parents and has no self control. Kristin will do whatever it essays to crank her needs and the no mandarins.

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Her judgment is book on choosing healthy relationships which is in fact a huge deal for teen girls. Banned Book Search Crank: In Crank the reader is introduced to situations involving sex, drugs, violence and teen pregnancy. The main character Kristina goes from having a wonderful life to going through a downward the into a life of essay. Kristina takes a trip to see her father for the summer.

The drugs make her create an alter-ego named Bree. When the source is over Bree moves back home with [EXTENDANCHOR] mother and finds herself crank.

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She constantly needs the essays and is willing to get it from anyone. One the she goes to a slightly run downside of town to get a hook up. The man selling her the drugs ends up raping book. Knowing she has a baby on the way Kristina decides to completely sober up and stops using drugs. Many other people believe that Crank is a good way for teen to figure out life and what comes with it.